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Small businesses in particular are finding that, with funding sources dwindling, and capital running short, they have very few options left to help them not only keep their business afloat but enable it to grow.

Publicly traded companies differ from private companies in that they are not owned by just one individual or groups of individuals.

Publicly traded companies are owned by shareholders, each of whom own stock in the company. Each share of stack that is owned represents one vote that can be cast before any major decision is made. Day to day operations, such as whom to hire and whether to close early on holiday weekends, remain the domain of the employees that are responsible for running the company. Larger decisions that can impact the overall direction that the company is moving in however must be brought to the shareholders, where they can be voted on. Securities lawyers can guide private companies on the steps needed to become publicly traded.

One of the benefits of becoming a publicly traded company is that you have the ability to generate capital by selling off shares of the company. This money can then be used to reinvest in the company, strengthening its overall value and allowing it to grow. As the company grows stronger, the value of the company increases. The greater the value of the company, the higher the cost per share, the higher the cost per share, the more money infused into the company, and so on and so forth. Securities lawyers are skilled at helping business owners take the first important steps towards becoming publicly traded.

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Although becoming a publicly traded company may not be a suitable solution for every business, there is a surprisingly high number of businesses that can benefit from taking this step.


Securities lawyers are a great resource for getting the information that you need in order to determine what the best next steps are for your company. Contact one today, and get started on making your decision.
Securities attorneys know that one great way to help these companies thrive and flourish, and gain access to a wider spectrum of financial resources is to have the company become a publicly traded company.
A well thought out and planned business plan is key when looking to attract both investors and future partners.